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Are you Interested in full Optimum Health?

Do you want to be the best possible version of YOU?

Do you need an effective detoxing exercise program to support your healing?

Do you need a boost of energy?

Do you relief from symptoms?

Are you are ready to transform your life?


Science-based natural energy  healing

Energy medicine 8 now offers online courses to support your life journey and empower you as a practitioner. 

We aim to replenish your energetic bodies back to full health so you too can help others. 

This practise becomes a way of life. With Ease and Grace you are introduced to a gentle 4 week program guiding you and showing you the benefits of self healing qigong and why it works. 


It will give you and a proactive way to improve your health each and everyday. With routine and habit we undo years of bad posture and align correctly with practise and time you will feel better.


It is suitable for all ages and all conditions and you can do 10 minutes in a session or 30 minutes or an hour up to you how you feel and how much time you have. 

You are your own master healer and I will empower you how to maintain a healthy mind and body.


The gentle exercises are proven to clear any toxins or stagnant energy in the physical and conscious body.  As we focus our minds we replace dense energy with fresh Vital energy which transforms your health and life.

You will learn how we can connect deeply within. You will develop your conscious awareness to enable your overall healing on a very deep level.  


This method is based on the flowing energy techniques of Qigong, sound and mindfulness.

Online Courses you can work through in your own time

Consultation and a one-on-one energy treatment sessions in person or by skype

If you need more energy or would like support for your overall physical and emotional wellbeing discover how this can be achieved with gentle mindful exercises; based on the ancient Chinese system of Qigong, mindfulness and ancient toning practises; we clear stagnant toxic energies and start feeling good again.


Opening Special $11 per month

Sign up this month to receive a free healing consultation

Log on Daily to listen to audios and learn techniques with videos

Weekly uploads to Section 4 Giving you choice in your practise

Facebook practitioners support group (you will start to feel shifts happening; keep practising to clear these blockages)

Live Facebook practices (closed group) weekly

Meditations and other supporting practises you can choose from

Activate your energetic system to clear toxins and stagnant energy

Open the Major Energetic Pathways (Charkas, meridians, axial atonal lines)

10% discount for your first day retreat

10% discount on a full energetic consultation

Have a look at some of our material for free before you start the course.

Bosnian Pyramids Conference 2019

Come with me to discover the miracle of Bosnia.  Its been reported these are healing tunnels; 28,000 htz has been recorded in these tunnels;  clearing toxic energies out of the body.  These are reportedly the oldest Pyramids in the World, backdating, 40,000 years ago.  Concrete has been tested.  These Pyramids we believe have pure healing energies...

Find out more about the significant Bosnian Pyramid discovery and what it means

1240 Norton Road
Wamboin NSW 2620

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