Qualifying as a Registered Obstetric Nurse in New Zealand I had many experiences with people suffering acute and chronic diseases.  I ran a recruitment company for 20 years successfully and now would like to follow my heart and share what I have discovered.  Its your birth right to understand this information.

I have practised Self healing Qigong since 2006, the connection to energy was strong and I felt overwhelming peace, love, emotionally stability, it balanced and harmonised everything.  In astonishment I watched a black melanoma turn brown.  What was this energy?  How can it be healing my melanoma?  I had to learn the science.

 I began more intensive training and studied to teach this healing art.  The Qigong style I learnt was proven by Dr Pang the founder and Director of Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre. Luke Chan has documented 101 Miracles of Natural healing miraculously recovering from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, paralysis, heart disease, sever depression, systemic lupus and many other chronic diseases.  They were curing the incurables. 

I qualified with my Masters in Holistic Human development which was all referenced by Doctors like Bruce Lipton; who have proven how negative energy in the Cell (Stress) causes it to loose its protein cover which protects it and our DNA is exposed to our hereditary diseases.

I have been on many retreats gaining high energetic vibration clearings and upgrades; teachers whom have entrained my energetic body.

I have worked very hard to purify myself, mind body and soul; so I can be the best possible conduit for this energy to transfer through.  

I am passionate about sharing this information with you so you too can discover the exercises for clearing your toxic stagnant energy and replace it with vital energy and go on and enjoy optimum health, longevity, creativity, and mental clarity.

2014 - 5/2019  Masters in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapies

                           Advanced Counseling techniques for Trauma, Relationships, Anxiety,                                            Depression, Mindfulness 

2014 -2018       Teaching Meditation Teachers Course, Holistic Counsellors and Chair Yoga      


2015                  Access Bars Treatment (conscious clearing)

2011                  Reiki training

2010                  Tibetan Acupressure (clear your energetic channels)

2006 - now       Qigong Practitioner and Teacher

1998-2018        Recruitment Business  - Management Recruitment

1984-1996       Registered General Obstetric Nurse

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