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The Bosnian Pyramids

With energy portals recently being discovered along with these ancient pyramid ruins in Bosnia, science now has  hard facts and evidence of civilisation dating back 40,000 years ago.  The energy is being read at 28000 htz in the exposed tunnels leading into the first pyramid and it is the only energy has ever been read  inside a pyramid structure.  Archeologist and Scientist have been working on excavations since discovery in 2006.  

This energy is proven to have enormous healing effects on our etheric fields, our Aura - the energy surrounding our bodies. Animals can have a similar effect on this field causing us warm nurturing and loving emotions to emit. A puppy playing an excited welcome.  Energy can been seen as a colour emitting around  you or inside you.  Doctors use CT Scaning machines and ultra sound to read the energy in the body and check for Blockages and inconsistency in your energetic body.  

This energy running through us and around us is what we use daily to connect to and move stagnant energies in the healing art of Qigong.  I have practised this now for 12 years and can share with you’re the wisdom of these ancient secrets.


Join me for a trip to Bosnia.

The 2nd Science Conference is coming up in May 2019.  I plan to take a trip out their myself and would like to know if anyone is interest in details of the conference.  Meet Ups are commencing this week to advise you of the history of what has been discovered there and what you can expect.



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Second Global Pyramid Energy Conference


May 4-11: Discover Bosnian Pyramids, Healing Tunnels and Power of Meditation with Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov from Russia and Indian guru Swamiji Patriji


Tours by Dr Sam Osmanagich 

June 2019