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Sun April 28 ; 2019

“Mastering our Energy”

Come along and enjoy a relaxed morning in Rural Wamboin.  We will go through a relaxation meditation and a 20 minutes session of mindfulness qigong followed by Charka Meditation and personal energy alignment.

Stay for light refreshments and catch up.


We set our Individual Intentions for the day and learn techniques in personal energy; protecting your energetic body and recognises what brings your energy levels down, why this is important,  techniques to balance and harmonise and revitalise your energetic system when you are out of balance.  


Feel into the energy and judge how good you feel afterwards.  This is a Full body Stretch energetically opening you to your personal limits. It is excellent for all ages over 8 years, balancing all emotional or physical aches and pains, energetic blocks by harmonising all 7 biological and endocrine systems.

This is proven to ease your symptoms and any dis stress even weight loss. chronic diseases...


I will be answering questions and finding out more about you... how this can help you...


Their is science to energy; how we heal with it how; we use it to protect us; manifest abundance;create our realities; and heal our lives; and as we heal we heal the lives of those around us. Energy Management is highly important of ourselves our team our families. 


We are moving each year into increasingly upgraded energies and I can show you how to take advantage of the increase in energy, with more life, health and happiness you become an empowered human being with Full Mastery of your emotions.  This I believe is the answer to ALL.