“Self healing Qigong"  

 Omokoroa Settlers Hall

Thursdays 5 to 6 pm

Oct 22 to Nov 19

Nov 26 to Dec 24 

$120  5 wk workshops


9am to 11am

3 Vivian drive, Omokoroa Beach

Learning about the conscious body

Healings, meditations, qigong, sounding, toning,

movement, mindful walks.

Are you looking for a daily cost-effective practice that you can do at home to maintain your mental and physical VITALITy and build your consciousness and open your energetic body?

Yes, there is one.


Self-healing Qigong will give you emotional balance, hormonal balance, more Energy, Less sickness, more Health

More Vitality, More Happiness, each practice has an impact.


Learn how to build your energetic body back to full health. Learn about the physical energetic body, the emotional energetic body and the soul. We detoxify and balance all 7 biological systems bringing your body back into full Vitality.


It's so good I have continued this practice for 14 years and have very high vibrating and transformational energy to share with you which Heals whatever is out of sorts in your body. Energy or Light has a universal intelligence of its own... it just knows how to balance you. Hard Matter is slow-moving light... The energy we cannot see is fast-moving light. Einstein proved this way back... We can infiltrate at the cellular level and balance your entire body. It takes practice and nothing happens without your energy going back into this. I can help entrain your energetic body.


Based on the healing art of Qigong combined with Registered Nursing knowledge and Masters in Pyscho therapies my thesis proves this works... and 15 years of Hospital statistics in USA and China. It WORKS!


Head cold clears

Body aches gone

Uplifted and feeling happy

Body Aligns and straightens (even stroke victim and brain stem injury clients are opening and aligning)

Baby tear duct cleared

Carpel tunnel relief (no operation needed)

Back injuries (cleared) aligns scoliosis

Emotional balance

Menopausal relief


What can it not do.... We are made up of energy down to the cellular level. Come and feel the difference and learn how to empower others as you empower yourself.


Come for a chat and feel into the energy.

Bring comfortable clothing, water 



Great for all ages, gentle movement meditation opening the spine, hips, brain.... an all over body workout you can practise daily.

For more information go to www.energymedicine8.com or call me on 0273216397 or email natalie@energymedicine8.com.


Im keen to train up some more practitioners so this wonderful practise continues .

Natalie Crabtree 0273216397

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