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Connecting whenever you like to Powerful Universal energies with me, there will be active uploads of fresh videos and meditations to help you come back into harmony and to help with toxicity in your energetic body.


Help with physical pain, emotional imbalances, endocrine balancing, 7 biological systems balancing,
Charka balancing, your Energy will  upgrade each and every time you connect the energy does not stop working within you once your body is activated.


We are moving stagnant toxic energies

Connecting and Opening the heart, Mind Soul

bringing in fresh vital energies,

Soul DNA activations coming back to your authentic self

Sound Energy Enhancment Meditation Healings

Sound - Divine Voice and crystal bowl Healings

Facebook closed group for your overall support and connection

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Progressive relaxation meditation

A proven technique to retrain the Brain to Relax the Body. This technique instantly relaxes your body back into harmony; it works progressively to retrain your bodies Auto nomic response so you wont go on and be triggered into anxiety or a depressed state.

10 minute Audio

Time to Relax is...


Flight and Fight response


Flight or Fight response was first written about by Walter Canon in 1915.  It can also be called Stress Response or Acute Stress response or acute arousal...

What is it?


In a nutshell it is how the body copes, reacts or responds to STRESS..... or DANGER or ANGER or a FRIGHT... or how our mind interrupts what is about to happen – The body responds to what we create in our MINDS is about to happen...


Our autonomic nervous system kicks in...Para sympathetic and sympathetic nervous system is automatic in times of extreme danger or perceived danger / anger to prepare the body for what is about to happen....

The time to stop physical and emotional pain is NOW

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