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Proven, science-based natural healing

If you want to move forward emotionally, physically and have your spirit feel truly alive again, then energy medicine 8 welcomes you to discover how this can be achieved with our support.

We help you connect to powerful healing energies 

We help you replace toxic energy with fresh vital energy 

How do we do this?  

By doing gentle exercises in a mindful state we can develop our conscious awareness; bringing balance and harmony to your mind, 7 biological systems and soul. 

Using ancient knowledge and science based information that has been proven and referenced by Doctors; we use the energy techniques of Qigong, sound and mindfulness.

Energy is in everything and everywhere.  Science knows it is 6% matter and 94% light.  Light is fast moving energy.  We all have an energetic body, an auric field or light body around us; it plays a vital role in our health and wellbeing.


As Einstein showed us, light and matter and just aspects of the same thing. Matter is just frozen light. And light is matter on the move.

In Qigong any Dis-Ease in the physical or emotional body is purely stagnant energy that we can transform back to free flowing and vital energy. 


Free your logical mind and think about your energy flowing like blood throughout your entire bodies connecting on a cellular level through our meridians and chakras intertwining  and integrating with all our 7 biological systems;the endocrine, the muscular and skeletal, lymphatic, circulatory and heart, nervous system and brain, respiratory and lungs, urinary and kidneys; if blocked at an energetic level; basically we do not get VITAL energy into our physical body.  If we do not clear these energetic blocks we get dis-ease forming in our physical body underneath that major energetic blockage.  Our emotions also impact on our energetic body and we need to learn how to stay balanced for our full vitality and health.


I trained as a Registered Nurse, worked in my own recruitment business for 20 years, trained in energy work for 12 years masters in Holistic human development and now I'd like to share with you what I have been shown; the secrets of energy and how we can heal our Mind Body and Soul back to our true inner essence.  

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