Practitioner training in Self-healing. Mind-Body-Soul. Understanding energy.

Energy is everything and I believe it's your birthright to understand how it can help you with everything in LIFE. Training in Registered Nursing, Masters in Pyscho therapy and Meditation and counseling; Practicing self-healing qigong daily for 13 years and doing high energetic vibrational light language work with world leaders in their field; has entrained my energetic body to an ability I can help you entrain YOUR conscious bodies. WHY you ask? We get Vital energy in as we practice and improve physical health every practice, we connect deeply to our inner knowing and much more. Self-healing Qigong has set me up on a self-healing journey and helped me stay healthy and a life of love and abundance. Movement meditation and mindfulness cleared me of Skin Cancer, (i watched it clear) Ovarian Cysts, infection or any imbalance in my body. I have been healthy since I started so I just KNOW IT WORKS !!!! If I hurt myself physically I just give myself energy and it significantly reduces in swelling and redness and heals overnight. If I am emotional or become anxious; it will harmonize straight away. Universal energy, lifeforce, what makes your heart beat... aha... Its is truely amazing!

If you would like further information first check out and email me. I have fresh new upgraded energy to share so will be updating online videos.

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