Normally I feel very sore and tired after I do some exercise, I don't feel this anymore.  I feel so much energy im like on adrenaline IV pump.  Its still there when I went to bed.  Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga produces more energy now than other exercises but also I feel inner peace a sense of balance and harmony, deep intuition.  

Thank you so much Natalie            

Gigi Registered Nurse

Tibetan Acupressure 

Tibetan acupressure

When I met Natalie I was very stressed, had swelling in legs and feet, lower back injury, blisters on feet and little wounds, stressed and nervous, negative at times and needy not self confident, I had medical conditions; lymphatic drainage issues, insulin dependent diabetic (x5daily); fluid retention, smokers cough, history of being sexually abused (5-15yrs) and now i had become over sexed.  I had a history of depression, I had a mental breakdown I couldn't even go outside at 39 years of age.  I stayed with Natalie for 2-3 weeks having treatments every 2nd to 3rd day. Would have loved them everyday but Natalie was busy and I was Nursing.  I felt a radical improvement in myself each treatment, it took a couple of treatments for me to really relax, I wasn't use to this type of Care and Compassion, then I really enjoyed our sessions and then I craved it.  I could notice a difference on the days I had a treatment and the days I did not in my attitude.  I lost 10kg in lymphatic fluid, my clothes were baggy,  I had improved colour in my feet and in general, headaches and stomach aches all went, I was much more relaxed positive and calm and emotionally stronger and more independent and confident. I stopped drinking coke, was eating a better diet; natalies cooking, fresh salads each day, I had lots more energy and would walk with Natalie and Ralph now and again and noticed an improvement in my breathing.  I didn't like the taste of cigarettes any longer, I was dreaming heaps and I felt stuff was coming up for me that needed releasing and forgiveness, to tell you the truth I Have Never Felt So Good In All My Life I truly believe this is the first time I feel like myself.  Just wish you were here in Perth Natalie as I can not find anyone like you.  Thank you so much my journey is just beginning.


Aged Care Manager


Healing QiGong


I have been very sick and unable to get out of bed, the Doctors did not have the answers to what was going on with me, I started daily Healing Qigong on my walker and had to sit often.  After 3 months of practising I have finally cut back on all my tablets and are off all pain relief.   I am feeling well and are really starting to feel into my feet again.  I am walking unaided and can not thank you enough for teaching me this.                                                                                          

Elinor Graham


Energy Healing

While having a session a Reiki with you, I was amazed as my recently passed over husband was there, he looked about 35 years of age, when we were madly in love and things were good.  I feel very blessed to know he is well and looking over me.                             Tracy 

Registered Nurse

After Meditation and then Reiki with you and going to get the crystals I....

Came home  cleaned up the backyard. Not sure why I did it then as I have been meaning to get to it for a week. Even cleaned off spider webs from al the exterior windows I could get to. Went out last night to a really nice bar (we must go!) to farewell two mothers from school. After a lovely night I came home at what I thought was 10:15 not exactly tired for the first time ever. It was actually 1.50 am, and I woke up before 8 not exhausted as I usually am.

Turns out 2 of the 3 people I had dinner with LOVE the Hierophant, and the husband of one of them swears by reiki. They think you have a calling which must be fulfilled.

The really bizarre thing was that ..Y didn't wake up angry and preoccupied. He actually spoke to me and asked about my evening Could this have anything to do with the reiki or the crystals I've arranged on my newly cleaned bedside table? Mmmm.

Y seemed to have renewed energy. He went outside with the whipper snipper he bought yesterday and cleaned up the garden with a vigour I've never seen before. What's more, he got a message today from three nephews he hasn't seen all year asking if they can catch up tomorrow, so he's really happy.

I'm now drinking lemon and water instead of a glass of wine. I'll sink into bed tonight and try and get up to do meditation.


Many, many thanks for EVERYTHING yesterday!

Sarah, Teacher, Lawyer, Mum, Wife, Superwoman

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