Introduction to Mindfulness Qigong

Congratulations and wellcome !

Thank you for joining. I am excited to support you to take back control of your health & wellbeing starting with a 20 minute gentle exercise program.

We start with the Physical Body practise a 4 week program which can be continued daily.

Section 1 has audios to explain a little bit about this practise.

Section 2  has the individual exercises  broken down and explained

Section 3 has the full practises

Once you have been through section 1 and 2 you can go straight to section 3 for the daily full practises choices.  If you need to go back over the benefits of the individual practise feel free to go to where you feel is right for you for the practise.

You should feel better immediately after practise.  If any pain comes up while you are practising relax into the pain to release it gently out of your body.  We are working in high energies and things will start to move.  This can be temporarily uncomfortable for a short period of time keep practising.  Feel free to make an appointment with me if you have concerns and do not hesitate to gain advise from your Doctor.

The Spiritual practise is now going up.  There will be videos and audios to follow along to.

The Emotional and toning practise is in the process including Tibetan warrior chants expanding consciousness practise and Egyptian Endocrine balancing tones practise, this will be progressive along with sounds from Crystal bowls and drums and gongs to come...

The progressive relaxation meditation is wonderful and books have been written about its benefits; they are unlimited. This exercise brings the body back into harmony and balance when life throws us off balance.  If we practise daily it will retrain our brain to relax our bodies on command automatically when we get triggered into anxiety or fear, or panick.  Our whole body calms and we are more incontrol of our emotions.


There are other meditations available that will also teach you how to calm your mind and retrain your body to relax and heal from within and without.  We are energy beings; 100% energy.  Energy is in everything.  Einstein discovered "Matter is approximately 6% of the entire energy available, light(conscious energy) is just fast moving energy, hard objects are just slower moving energy particles.  Dis-ease is stagnant energy in our bodies. It is important to master our minds  and relax our bodies. 


Be the best version of You

What to expect from this course

This course contains audios and videos and diagrams to walk you through the theory so you have a better understanding of what you can achieve.  We do gentle exercises together and these are explained individually to you so you understand the technique and action better. 


You will learn about your energetic system and how it interacts and integrates with the 7 biological systems: Brain and Endocrine muscular skeletal, heart and circulatory, digestive and bowel, lymphatic, urinary and kidneys, lungs and breathing, and how we can move any toxic stagnant energy out of our entire system, with each and every practise we get more vital energy entering and toxic energy leaving

We practise with our eyes closed or in a conscious state of mind.  Your energy learns and upgrades with my energetic system and the universal energy I have connect to and bring through.  This enables you to connect deeply to the energy field and the energy field within you to open and activate the flow within which will move stagnant and blocked energy through all systems.

There is no need for previous meditation practise, I struggled to sit and meditate before Qigong, as I found my mind was far too chatty. 

With the movement of this style of meditation your mind is busy with your intentions and you are doing something there is action with your intentions.  You will receive an overall body stretch and feel great afterwards. 


Perfect for Back pain and overall alignment of body mind and soul. We work on the energy flow within and unblocking any stagnations in the physical it.

It is important to start with this practise so your body can absorb more vital energy with the flowing spiritual practises.

This course is a practical course but the theory and understanding of what you are doing and why will help you continue and grow your practise you should start to feel the benefits quickly.


Most people notice immediately after practise how good they feel and aligned in the physical body taller and more vital, they are smiling is what I notice full of the loving energies.


There are no expectations it is a practise of self love and between you and your conscious thoughts. 


To master our minds is blissful. Then we can manifest whatever we like in our lives. This practise teaches you how to do this step by step day by day…

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